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Agriculture Sector: Agriculture and Forestry Extension, Agribusiness Advising, and Food Security Facilitators

Peace Corps Volunteers who serve in the Agriculture (AG) sector take part in growing a community’s well-being. With programs in food security, climate change, sustainable living, and farming—AG Volunteers take part in growing a community.

The trend in population growth and the continued existence of poverty and hunger reinforce predictions that market demand for food will continue to grow. Projections show that feeding a world population of over 9 billion in 2050 will require raising overall food production by some 70 percent over the next 30 years. Food production in developing countries will need to almost double during this time period.

AG Volunteers assist smallholder-farmers and their households to achieve food and nutrition security, sustainable livelihoods, and increased resilience by teaching one-on-one, conducting group trainings, facilitating farmer-to-farmer demonstrations and coaching farmers and their family
members to:
• improve the diversity, productivity, and/or sustainability of their agricultural production
• generate agriculture-related income
• increase their dietary diversity

In Fiscal Year 2018:
• 358 AG Volunteers trained 26,348 individuals, 53% of whom were women and girls, in 13 countries on different ways to improve and ensure their food and nutrition security
• 334 AG PCVs taught or trained 12,771 individuals, 54% of whom were women, in 15 countries to apply at least one improved agricultural management practice or technology to improve their agricultural activity
• 64 AG PCVs provided business development services to individuals and groups, 47% of of whom were women, from 1,571 micro, small and medium sized enterprises in 10 countries
• 189 PCVs trained 11,475 individuals, 63% of whom were women and girls, in 14 countries on improved child health and nutrition practices

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